Wildlife conservation through

interactive education

Australian Masked Owls: Basic Facts and Information

Australia is truly rich in wildlife, unfortunately, many of these animals’ natural environment is under pressure from industrialization, the encroachment of land development, and the spread of human civilization. Even more worrisome is that many people are not even aware of the many species of unique animals in the country,… Read More

Understanding Tiger Quolls

Tiger quolls or spotted-tail quolls are carnivorous marsupials and members of the Dasyurus genus of animals, and they are the only quolls to have spotted tails. Their numbers have decreased over the years with the change of their habitats along with other reasons and thus, they are considered ‘Near Threatened’… Read More

Snakes on the move again, Be snake safe!

With spring here and summer just around the corner Venomous snakes are on the move again and with employees and contractors becoming more active outdoors on sites and jobs, encounters and confrontations with snakes and staff is more likely. Black Snake productions is the ideal solution to snake safety in  … Read More

List of Exotic Animals Found Only in Australia

Each year numerous people visit Australia just to see the wide variety of exotic animals. Indeed, these exotic animals found only in Australia are quite amazing. In fact, over 80 per cent of plants, mammals, frogs and reptiles are unique to Australia and are found nowhere else on earth. There… Read More

Wildlife Hazard and Risk Awareness

Wildlife Hazard and Risk Awareness is a compliance course which teaches valuable knowledge and skills to help attendees gain an understanding on how to handle OHS hazards effectively directly aimed at the identification and assessment of issues associated with indigenous and other types of wildlife in the workplace. Instructors will… Read More

Wildlife and Their Contribution to Ecological Balance

Nowadays, in our modern time, humanity has managed to separate its self almost entirely from nature, which includes our animal relatives. It comes as no surprise that the majority of the human species is even afraid to consider themselves animals/mammals, much less related to them, or even displaying anything closely… Read More

Best Practices in Caring for Pet Snakes

There are a lot of reasons why snakes are much better pets than most people may realize. Why is that? Unlike other pets like hamsters, mice, dogs, cats and birds, you only need to feed snakes once a week. So, they seldom need to defecate and urinate as often as… Read More

Health benefits of animal interactions

When it comes to animals, it seems as if people either love them or detest them. This typically varies depending on the species of animal, but it is generally understood that people have a tendency to find a species of animal fascinating or astounding, and another, equally revolting. More often… Read More