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Wildlife School Incursion in Melbourne: What Are The Benefits for Children?

Blog | August 7th, 2017

The world is changing and developing, faster than ever before, and the importance of preserving wild animals and their habitats can’t be overestimated. In fact, it is the children of today that will become the stewards of our planet in the near future, which is why they should be helped to understand the needs of wild animals and not taught not to fear them. The best way to accomplish this is with a wildlife school incursion in Melbourne.

A wildlife school incursion will benefit children and adults through participation in educational activities and teaching methods that involves hands on experience with animals found in Australia. It’s true, only by understanding Australian animals, their habitats, and experiencing their personalities, can children learn about the importance of protecting them in the future.

The Benefits Children Receive from A Wildlife School Incursion in Melbourne

Here at Black Snake Productions, we promote wildlife conservation in the best way possible, by safely exposing some of the wild animals of Australia to children of all ages. This done through a variety of fun and interesting activities that involve hands-on interaction with various types of mammals, birds, and reptiles. Both children and adults are able to observe, hold and touch the animals, while learning about the habitats where they live and about the dangers they face from over-development of land and pollution.

For the sake of Australian wildlife and their habitats, it is vital that children today learn to respect nature and animals, and to cultivate an appreciation for them so that in the future, when they become adults, their generation can make efforts to protect them. Besides the benefits this will have for Australian animals, and the land where they live, children benefit too, in a number of ways.

Learn respect for animals and nature – children learn that animals have feelings too, and that they should never harm, maim, or kill them, only in certain situations where safety is concerned.

Learn to protect animals and nature – when children understand how fragile wildlife is, and the habitat where they live, they will not only develop respect for them, but will also desire to protect Australian animals from becoming endangered, or extinct, as they grow older into adults.

Children learn how better to interact with others
– a hands on wildlife school incursion benefits children because it helps them to learn how to interact with other children better, while experiencing non-dangerous wild animals together, participating as a group.

Helps to remove fear of animals – it is normal that children become afraid of animals when they are unfamiliar with them. A wildlife school incursion lets them see, touch, and even hold them, and it is usually this experience that removes the fear of animals from children.

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