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Eastern Brown Snake: What You Need To Know

Blog | January 30th, 2018

Australia is rich with wildlife, among these are reptiles such snakes. There are many types of snakes in Australia, but only few are venomous. One of the most venomous snakes is the eastern brown snake, it is a defensive and highly dangerous reptile that people should be made aware of, especially children since they are smaller and more vulnerable to venom than adults.

The best way to protect children and adults from the eastern brown snake is to learn what it looks like and where its habitat is, so that people can avoid contact with it.

What You Need to Know about the Eastern Brown Snake

Unfortunately, most deaths by snakebites in Australia are caused by the eastern brown snake. However, thanks to snake education and awareness programs and seminars, the knowledge and use of first-aid treatment and antivenom, there are now far fewer deaths per year than before.

The adult snake can exceed two metres in length, and can move swiftly at surprising speed. It is difficult to see among rocks, dirt and foliage because it’s colour ranges from tan to dark brown and yellow to darker shades of orange, This allows it to blend in with its surroundings perfectly.

Eastern brown snakes gravitate towards scrubby brush, woodlands, grasslands, swamps, and can also be found along coastal areas. They are very adaptive and will venture onto farmlands and even into suburban areas. Like most snakes, they will seek shelter under logs and rocks, and will take up residency in holes dug by other animals.

As diurnal creatures, they are active during the day time, which is why people need to always be on the lookout for them when traveling along trails, and when walking near logs and rocks. When surprised, the snake can become very defensive. Although its teeth are only an eighth of an inch thick, and may not hurt much when it bites, its venom is powerful and can result in death if a person does not receive proper first-aid for venomous snake bites.

The best way to keep people safe from venomous snakes is through educational classes and seminars about snake safety.

Snake Safety Seminars

At Black Snake Productions, we offer snake safety seminars to help people to better understand venomous snakes like the eastern brown snake. The seminars includes venomous snake bite first-aid, and attendees have the opportunity to interact with non-venomous snakes as they learn about the diets, habitats, and behavior of Australian snakes.

Snake safety seminar topics include: 

  • Snake safety awareness and preventative measures
  • First aid treatment of venomous snake bites
  • Emergency response procedures
  • Identifying snakes and their habitat
  • Making your workplace “snake safe”