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Ecosystem and Wildlife: Why Humans Should Not Intervene?

Blog | June 15th, 2015

An ecosystem or ecological system is a fully functional community of plants, animals and microorganisms interacting with their environment. Each member of the community has a role to play to keep a healthy ecosystem. The natural cycle of life and death keeps the balance in the system, and any outside or human intervention can drastically affect the ecosystem and wildlife.

Human beings have affected the ecosystems around the world and wildlife in almost every way imaginable. As an example, when we over hunt predators such as lions and bears, we allow their prey who feed on plants to increase at a faster pace than nature would allow. This means more plants are consumed and the balance is broken, which in turn causes stress on the environment as a whole.

On a larger scale, this situation causes a disruption in the food chain. When we over hunt animals, or clear lands that animals need to survive, we break a link in the chain and everything above that animal in the food chain, is put at risk. When more plants and vegetation are consumed or destroyed than could be replenished, we alter the area’s carbon cycle since we are robbing nature of its only way to absorb carbon dioxide; and, that is not a good thing for humans. Why? There would be fewer plants to give off oxygen that humans need for survival.

Ultimately, it’s a domino effect caused by human intervention. This is a sobering thought, one that more people need to know about. When humans carelessly intervene in the ecosystem by clearing lands or hunting wildlife, the balance of nature is disturbed, often beyond repair.

Organisations that Work to Preserve Australian Ecosystem and Wildlife:

Fortunately, there are organisations that work for the conservation of Australian ecosystems and wildlife such as the Australian Ecosystems Foundation, Inc. dedicated to saving wildlife in Australia by habitat protection and maintaining the ecosystem. Another approach towards this goal is through education, and that is precisely what Black Snake Productions does – wildlife conservation through education.

Bringing awareness of what human beings can do to disrupt the ecosystem and wildlife is an important step in its conservation and protection. Through the efforts of such organisations, Australians everywhere can learn how to treat nature with respect. Hands-on education and recreation experiences as provided by Black Snake Productions give people firsthand knowledge on the role they can play in preserving and conserving our natural resources.

With this enhanced awareness, individuals and corporations can become better stewards of our ecosystem and wildlife. For more information about Australian ecosystems and wildlife, please visit Black Snake Productions, here: