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Biodiversity and Eco-System Conservation: What Can We Can Contribute As Individuals?

Blog | April 10th, 2018

Never before in history has biodiversity and Eco-system conservation been so important, it is paramount for the future of humanity and all life on the planet. As ecosystems around the world – including Australia – are under attack by large scale land development and pollution generated by urban areas, the biodiversity of plants, animals, including the habitats they depend on, are dwindling at an alarming rate.

Maintaining and protecting biodiversity – the variety of living organisms, their habitats and genes – is an invaluable effort that everyone should be involved in. That is because it provides humanity with food, fertile soil, medicines, oxygen, and clean water, just to mention a few. Because of climate change, over exploitation of resources, and the steady flow of pollution generated by human civilizations, individual species of animals and plants are disappearing from the face of the planet.

Individuals Can Make a Difference in Biodiversity and Eco-System Conservation

As huge as the problem is, individuals can still make a difference. Since the consumption and demand of certain products is the driving force that fuels the exploitation of natural resources, individuals can definitely help make a difference in biodiversity and Eco-system conservation.

The best way that individuals can make a difference is by being mindful about the things they buy and consume. Purchase products that do not harm the environment, such as green products that are environmentally sustainable. Doing so can help curb the demand for non-sustainable resources that cause the depletion of biodiversity and the loss of animal habitats.

Here are some things that individuals can do to help biodiversity and Eco-system conservation:

Stop using pesticides and fertilizers – the adverse effects of pesticides and fertilizers on wildlife populations from water run-off is well documented.

Buy organic food
– when more people start buying and demanding organic foods, large scale pesticide usage will decrease to meet demands, which is good for the environment and helps protect biodiversity.

Reduce, reuse, and recycle
– buy only necessary things, consumer demand is what drives corporations to exploit resources to make products. When people only buy what they need and use, and recycle what they don’t use anymore, demand for new resources will decline.

Donate and support wildlife conservation groups – wildlife conservation organisations help to preserve biodiversity, endangered animals and their habitats, by working with local political representatives and communities, and through educational programs that build public awareness about the importance of wildlife conservation.

These are only a few ways that individuals can help biodiversity and Eco-system conservation, but if you want to personally get involved, and learn how you can do more, then contact Black Snake Productions – a wildlife education group dedicated to the conservation of Australian wildlife.