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Need some snakes for your film? Get professionals to assist!

Blog | December 2nd, 2014

Filming experience is incredible in many ways. Unlike yesteryear’s, today it’s all about keeping it close to reality by including things that can really make good shots great with the touch of realness. There is no denying that wildlife provides realness to any movie or show, and can provide an important part to while filming particular scenes. However, when working animals it is often better to work with professional handlers.

Snake handler is one of the most interesting career fields, with increasing number of films using snakes, snake handling professionals are a must have on set. Snake handlers are not as common as others types of animal handlers, luckily there are some trained snake professionals for the job in Australia that can ensure the safety of actors and filming crews. There are various reasons why you should hire such professionals and these will be touched on here.


Script writers aren’t experts on snakes and definitely would not know which species to include in a particular scene. With professional guidance, you can get to know about different habitats and snake types across the globe. Snakes for filming professional services supply different kinds of snakes that you can easily view from their website or discuss in person.


Unlike what dozens of films showcase, snakes are not really evil. It is just that when they are threatened, they tend to use their natural defense mechanism, their fangs. A trained professional snake handler understands these circumstances and can guide you through the filming process rather easily. This is actually one of the most important reasons why you should look for people with experience.


Snakes are not like any other film prop that you can just pick up and pack up while driving to the next filming location. Firstly, it is dangerous and secondly it requires special carriers to transport some types of snakes. Professionals offering snakes for filming ensure that they can deliver them to the filming location and then remove them when finished. You can hire as many species of snakes as required.


Surprisingly, one in every three people is scared of snakes. Natural human survival instinct makes people naturally nervous around snakes, and most people feel that they have to rid of snakes or kill them. It is illegal in Australia to harm these reptiles and the fines are pretty harsh. That’s another area where snake professionals can guide the cast and crew about handling snakes in a safe way.

Snakes are beautiful creatures, but it is important to handle them with care. It is recommended that you call in professionals like Black Snake Productions when it comes to safety and experience. They can help you with filming and other kinds of events too.