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Funday Parties and Festivals: Capture the Holiday Spirit with a Wildlife Meet and Greet Party

Blog | December 4th, 2017

Does your community or school having a festival, fair or carnival coming up? If so, Black Snake Productions has some great ideas on activities you and your group can provide, such as a wildlife meet and great party hosted by professional wildlife demonstrators. Wildlife displays are guaranteed to deliver an exciting, educational, and entertaining time that is good for all ages and suitable for any event.

If you are looking to capture the Holiday Spirit this year in a unique and special way, and you want to make sure that your funday party or fundraising festival becomes the source of many magical memories, then providing picture taking opportunities during a wildlife meet and greet party with wildlife will guarantee your success.

Public Wildlife Interaction for Funday Parties and Festivals

Let Black Snake Productions help you capture the Holiday Spirit with a public wildlife interaction show at your next funday party or festival. We have an amazing mobile zoo with various types of animals, this allows us to offer a diversity of options to showcase various wildlife that the public can interact with.

While naturalistic displays can be setup focusing on local fauna or a range of other topics, our snake displays are sure to draw a crowd. Our wildlife experts can rove around with any one of our various animals, such as parrots, marsupials, goannas, and snakes. Having our roving wildlife experts mingling with the public during your event will provide many fun photo taking opportunities people will appreciate and remember.

Educational Stage Shows with Amazing Animals

Whether there is a small group of people or a crowd over a thousand, stage shows by Black Snake Productions are an exciting and thrilling educational experience. Experienced presenters will perform with wildlife on stage while at the same time educating the public about the animals and their habitats.

Wildlife displays will include various types of animals that people can touch and hold, such as small crocodiles, pythons, parrots, or other Australian wildlife you can choose for your Holiday funday party or festival. Whatever wildlife display or type of stage show you choose, you can be sure that your crowd will be thoroughly entertained with our experienced wildlife presenters and the variety of animals we have available.

Our amazing team of wildlife experts can help capture the Holiday Spirit during funday parties and festivals anywhere in Victoria and South Australia. For more information about our wildlife displays and stage shows with animals, contact Black Snake Productions today.