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Snake Safety Training: Why Is This Important for Everyone?

Blog | February 28th, 2018

While the Great Outback is teeming with wildlife such as snakes, these animals often find their way into suburbs and city centres. This is why snake safety training is important for everyone, especially for children. One of the first things people find interesting is that not all snakes are venomous.

Not all snakes are dangerous, however, there are numerous venomous snakes found all over Australia, including Melbourne. The main cause of snake bite fatalities is due to lack of education. By learning about the different types of snakes – venomous and non-venomous, and how to identify these, as well as how to act when encountering a snake so as not to intimidate or scare them, will dramatically decrease the chances of being bitten.

Snake safety training is important because people of all ages will learn how to identify the differences between venomous and non-venomous snakes, where their habitats are located, and how to administer emergency first aid to venomous snake bites.

Importance of Snake Safety Training

The importance of snake safety training for everyone can’t be overestimated, that is because when someone is bitten by a snake first aid treatment needs to be administered immediately. And because most people do not know the difference between venomous snakes and non-venomous snakes, all snake bites should be treated as venomous bites.

Another reason why people should learn how to properly administer emergency first aid treatment to snake bites is that there is still a misconception about how to administer treatment. In the past, it was believed by many that snake venom spread through the blood and that sucking the venom out of a snake bite was an effective first aid treatment. It is not.

In fact, it is now known that snake venom spreads through the lymphatic system. The best thing for a person who has been bitten by a snake is to stay calm, and to stay still. Moving will cause snake venom to spread throughout the body. Snake safety training will also teach people how to recognise the symptoms from a venomous snake bite, and how to properly stabilise a victim until emergency medical personnel can render appropriate treatment.

Snake safety training is the best way to keep people safe from snake bites, and educational classes and seminars are available through Black Snake Productions – a wildlife conservation group providing interactive education about Australia’s amazing wildlife.

Black Snake Productions offers snake safety training, first aid treatment of snake bites, and classes that teach how to identify venomous and non-venomous snakes.