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Are Australian Dingoes Endangered?

Blog | August 23rd, 2017

Australia has many types of animals, some that are also found to inhabit other southeastern regions of Asia, such as the well-known wild canine (Canis lupus dingo) called the Dingo. These hardy, carnivorous dogs can survive and thrive in various types of environments, however, with the fast development of land for commercial purposes in Australia, the population of these animals are vulnerable. In fact, the dingo population is dropping.

According to the International Union for Conservation of Nature Red List of Threatened Species, the dropping population of dingoes has put them on the endangered list. While there are various reasons for this, mostly due to an increase in breeding with domestic canines, as these animals are forced closer to urban areas because their natural habitat is shrinking. Gauging the population of pure dingoes isn’t easy as interbreeding is common and many of the mixed canines look very much the same.

However, in the wild, there are still many packs of pure species of dingoes left, for as long as their habitats exists. This is why spreading the conservation message is so important, not only for the sake of the dingoes, but for many of Australia’s wildlife.

Black Snake Productions Spreading the Message of Conservation for Australian Wildlife

Founded in 2006, Black Snake Productions is helping to spread the conservation message in a special way, by providing hands-on educational experiences to children and adults of all ages, for the sake of Australian wildlife, especially for endangered species of animals such as the dingoes. As successful as Black Snake Productions have been in saving animals, their efforts could not have been possible without help.

Helping to spread the message for the reasons why the dingo population is dropping is the first step in saving them. Breeding with domestic canines and dwindling habitats are not the only reasons for the continued drop in population of dingoes. Sadly, humans also hunt them for their skin, and because they are considered nuisances in some areas.

Saving the Australian Dingo

Thankfully, there are government sanctioned parks and sanctuaries to help protect dingoes, as well as the continued conservation efforts by organizations like Black Snake Productions that are focused on keeping the population of dingoes strong. However, generating public awareness is only part of the work, captive breeding of pure dingoes is also needed, but keeping these animals as pets is unlawful.

If you would like to learn more about how you can help protect Australian wildlife, such as the dingo, then please don’t hesitate to contact Black Snake Productions today.