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Wonderfully wild nature-inspired birthday parties

Blog | February 24th, 2015

Your child’s birthday is the perfect time to make him or her feel special. Like any good parent, you’d want him to have a blast on his big day, a day that will be remembered! Throwing a party is a great way to celebrate your son or daughter’s birthday, although it shouldn’t be just any party. Have you considered making the event something extraordinary – something that your child and his friends will never forget? Kids are irresistibly fascinated with nature, so you should consider a nature-themed birthday party.

Birthday parties with a natural motif are wonderful opportunities for parents to get creatively involved in their child’s education, while at the same time having fun. You can hire animal mascots, have kids dress up as their favorite animals, design the venue after a natural landscape, and serve food patterned to Mother Nature’s glorious creations! Gummy worms, anyone?

Then again, these are typical fares in nature-inspired birthday parties. A “nature party” would be so much better if there were real snakes, owls, lizards, and wallabies involved. How is that possible? Lucky for you, this is possible when you hire Black Snake Productions for your child’s birthday party.

A birthday party with animals

Children are naturally curious and love to be around nature’s furry and scaly creatures. Nowadays, birthday parties can provide them with that opportunity. Wildlife incursion companies like Black Snake Productions give kids the chance to interact with animals from the comfort of their homes by taking wildlife to them. However, nature parties can be held anywhere of your choice, it can be at a public park, schools or rented hall.

Visiting wildlife may steal everyone’s attention for a while, but the birthday celebrant will be the star of the show. He’ll be the first to get close to animals and pet them, feed them, or play with them. Animal handlers will pay extra attention to the birthday kid and ensure that he is always entertained. The rest will have their turn later so that everyone has their share of fun that will never be forgotten.

Black Snake Productions can help you with nature-inspired birthday parties. A Wildlife Party will introduce party-goers to a few native Australian animals. These include wallabies, kookaburras, owls, sugar gliders, possums, lizards, crocodiles, pythons, insects, and spiders. A Reptile Birthday brings with it reptiles such as geckos, dragon lizards, goannas, skinks, crocodiles, and pythons; as well as a bunch of creepy crawlers including scorpions, insects, and spiders.

Is it safe to have animals at a birthday party?

You are guaranteed to have a safe wildlife party with Black Snake Productions. The animals they take with them are tame and bred in captivity. Professionally trained handlers will be accompanying the animals and to make sure that everyone is safe and that it is becomes a day to be remembered.