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Wild Encounters: Australia’s Attraction and Interactive Education for Animal Lovers

Blog | July 29th, 2016

Most people like animals, however, not everyone who lives in urban areas can see and appreciate the diverse kinds of animals that are found in Australia’s undeveloped areas, and there are many. Reptiles, birds, insects, mammals, and many other kinds of small animals are abundant in nature, but are not commonly found or seen in urban areas. Because of this, people with an interest in native species of animals are limited to visiting the zoo, and are restricted to just being able to see, but not touch, these amazing creatures, until now.

There is a way animal lovers can experience and even interact with all kinds of animals found in Australia, and not have to go to a zoo, thanks to Black Snake Production’s interactive education program.

Interactive Education for Animal Lovers

Instead of having to pack-up your family and head out to the zoo to see animals, now, you don’t have to go anywhere because the animals can come to you. Thankfully, Black Snake Production offers a fun and interactive education program that not only let people experience being near animals, but allows people to interact and even touch the them, while being in a controlled and supervised open environment.

Whether it is for a corporate event, a school presentation, a snake safety awareness program, or as a birthday party’s special guest appearance surprise, animals always make a memorable impression on people of all ages.

The Creator of Wild Encounters for Animal Lovers

The founder of Black Snake Production, a true animal lover, Michael Alexander, has developed an approach to wildlife education with its roots in common sense, making animals accessible to people in an interactive and hands-on way. In fact, in this way, people and animals both benefit, as it is proven that interaction with animals have a calming and positive psychological effect on humans, which evokes a greater awareness and interest in nature, and the habitats where animals live, which also promotes the efforts of animal conservationists.

To get started with your own wild encounter with animals, in a safe, supervised and open environment, contact us here are Black Snake Productions to schedule an interactive education for animal lovers in your life, we are confident that you will have a fun and educational time that you won’t forget.