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Why Teaching Kids about Wildlife Conservation is Important

Blog | March 26th, 2015

Now more than ever, it is essential to teach kids about the importance of wildlife conservation. Unfortunately, today kids are constantly engaged in gaming or television and have a minimal connection to nature.

Developing and nurturing an appreciation of nature in our kids is a fundamental element that safeguards the safety of our wildlife and environment. And as parents, we can get our children involved by teaching them the value of wildlife conservation.

Wildlife Conservation Education for Children

Programs that dedicate their time to help educate future generations on the importance of saving wildlife are one of the best resources for preserving nature. In truth, wildlife conservation is reliant on future generations. Not only are kids the most open-minded but they can make a difference in the future.

By teaching children that every animal, all nature and people has the right to life, we instill a respect and appreciation of nature. And together, families and teachers can educate kids about wildlife conservation through homeschools, online courses and through wildlife education groups such as Black Snake Productions.

Wildlife Education for Kids can be Fun

Teaching wildlife conservation through fun and interactive education can be an amazing experience for children. It teaches a child about the awareness on sustainability and the damage to native animals and the environment. As well, teaching kids about wildlife conservation ensures that our beautiful country and its matchless wildlife will be preserved for future generations.

At Black Snake Productions they bring fun and interactive wildlife presentations and displays by using their unique animals at numerous schools, festivals, country shows, shopping centres, field days and corporate events across Australia. Not only are their presentations and displays educational but they are entertaining and suitable for a wide range of ages. As well, the presentations capture the interest and attention of the young, leaving a lasting impression.

Black Snake Productions has an enormous variety of friendly native animals that they bring directly to you for a truly extraordinary wildlife encounter, Children have the opportunity to touch, hold and experience all the animals close up and personally.
To get an idea of Black Snake Productions activities that educate kids on wildlife conservation, here is a small list of ideas on how to get your child involved.

Educational Wildlife Ventures:
Black Snake Productions wildlife ventures for kinder or schools allow a child hold and touch Australian wildlife! Each of the one hour educational talks has at least 15 friendly native animals for the kids to look at, touch, hold and learn about. Choose from an array of presentations like bushland biodiversity, tooth & talons, amazing reptiles, mini beasts (spiders, frogs, reptiles, etc.), snake safety and vanishing species.

As well, each presentation can be adapted to suit the needs of the age group from pre-school to year 12. A few of the topics include food webs and chains, adaptation, habitat destruction, animal defense, camouflage, diets in the wild, endangered species, body shape, structure and function, evolution and more.

Agricultural Fairs and Field Days: Black snake productions travels around Victoria and South Australia to bring a wide range of animals and education. Their mobile zoo displays allow you to get up close and meet wallabies, owls, crocodiles, pythons and more. Also, their poisonous snake safety pit is very popular. They talk to farmers about how to be safe and effective when dealing with poisonous snakes.

Meet and Greet: Black Snake Productions will bring a variety of naturalistic static displays and animal interaction to your guests of ten to a thousand people. It is the most interactive and hands-on wildlife experiences in Melbourne. Kids can touch a turtle, cuddle a crocodile (safety), pat a possum, laugh at a lorikeet or jump with Joey.

Christmas Party and Family Events: From farm animals and marsupials to reptiles and birds, the mobile zoo is a great way to educate a child during a Christmas party or family event. The entertainment provides interactive and exciting education suitable for all ages.

Special Birthday Party: The ideal birthday party for your child. They can choose either a wildlife or reptile birthday party with a large range of friendly animals to choose from. Additionally, the birthday kid is the star of the show and gets to take the animals around to their friends to touch and hold.