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Where to go for Conservation and Education Concerning Australia’s Wildlife

Blog | October 14th, 2014

Conservation and education on wildlife ought to be part of every school’s curriculum but as it is not, one should really try to find out as much as possible by visiting institutions that offer these educational services. Protecting our wildlife might not be for everyone but unless you have the basic knowledge you will never know. Just like many other countries such as South Africa, Namibia, Central America and many more Australia is also filled with amazing wildlife that has to be protected.

Australia has an astounding variety of approximately 140 different snake species on land as well as about 32 sea snake species out of which a hundred is considered to be venomous. Out of these hundred only around twelve species is likely to perpetrate wounds that may lead to death. Due to all native snakes in Australia being protected by the Act of 1974 under National parks and wildlife a person ought to consider being educated thus knowing which snakes are deadly and how to handle them.

Some institutes offer snake safety courses for schools, groups as well as individuals thus making it possible to get the needed training in order to be safe at all times. With most of these you can also get information about how snakes see, hear and smell in addition to finding out how they move and what you should do when confronted with a snake. Learn about their breeding habits, why they prefer sunny spots as well as why they shed their skins plus learn to know where a snake has been and is heading.

The snake population is seeing a great decline in numbers even though they are an important part of any eco-system due to land being cleared for new developments, bush fires, snakes being driven over on the roads as well as uneducated people killing mostly harmless snakes due to fear. Consequently it is important to be educated in snake conservation from a young age so we can ensure their existence. There are also multiple snake as well as reptile displays one can visit hence the opportunities are abundant and a person cannot say they did not know whether the snake they killed was harmless or not.

But snakes are not the only species that is in danger within Australia as there is a range of other species such as crocodiles, spiders, scorpions and animals such as birds, marsupials, frog and lizards that have become endangered and seemingly heading down a quick path of extinction if something is not done. Therefore education on all of these is just as imperative for the conservation and untimely to ensure their survival.

So where can one get the education needed to be able to differentiate and conserve all these animal species? Schools, companies and individuals are able to get all they need from a company that has been around, thus knowing what needs to be done. To book your visit and educational experience visit their web page today and have a look at all their additional services while there. Help save the endangered species and animals by getting to know all you can.

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