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The Circle and Balance of Life: Why We Encourage Wildlife School Incursions

Blog | November 7th, 2017

Everyday children are learning new things about society, technologies, and basic school subjects, although these are all import subjects children should know about, there is another subject that is of paramount importance – wildlife conservation. Protecting the natural habitat of endangered animals is at the foundation of wildlife conservation, which is because without animals and their natural habitats, life on this planet would cease.

This is why it is important for children and adults to understand the importance of preserving animals and their habitats from extinction, so that future generations of humans can enjoy these too.

The Best Way for Children to Learn About The Circle and Balance of Life

By exposing children to various types of native Australian animals and reptiles, in a school environment, and by explaining how these are connected to plants and other animals species to create various food webs humans depend on to survive, is why Black Snake Productions encourages wildlife school incursions.

Wildlife School Incursions

Innately children love animals. Most children enjoy learning about and being around animals. A school environment is the best location to introduce children to animals, and to explain how fragile nature really is and how protecting wildlife and their habitats is of great importance today, and in their lifetime.

While school excursions to nature parks and zoos wet the appetite of children to learn more about mammals and reptiles, nothing satisfies their curiosity more than hands-on experience. In fact, hands-on learning is an essential and natural key part of the learning process for young children.

Wildlife incursions by Black Snake Productions create the ideal opportunity for children to get hands-on experience with some of Australia’s amazing creatures. Unlike school excursions to zoos and nature parks, wildlife incursions bring various types of animals into schools and places them in front of children. Basically, school incursions are better than excursions because kids aren’t required to leave the school grounds to see and interact with animals.

Not only will children get to touch and interact with various kinds of animals such as birds, reptiles, and mammals, if they want too, but they will also learn all about their habitats, foods they eat, and their behaviours. Students will also learn about the circle and balance of life in nature, and about the importance of wildlife conservation and the efforts to protect endangered animal species and their natural environments.

Educational wildlife school incursions by Black Snake Productions includes bringing a select number of animals into classrooms or designated areas. All animals are tame, bred in captivity, and are accustomed to human contact. Feel free to contact Black Snake Productions anytime, to inquire about pricing or to schedule an incursion.