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Snake Removal Services in Melbourne

Blog | April 24th, 2017

Snakes are a major concern in Australia since over half of our species of these reptiles are venomous. Luckily, when you require removal services of this animal from your property for one reason or another, Black Snake Productions will provide them on a 24/7 basis throughout the year in the Melbourne area of Australia. We are much more than just a learning source for the animals in this country. Our experts will come to your location to capture and relocate snakes and other problematic reptiles to ensure that your property is safe for use.

We Perform Workplace Assessments and Safety Reports

Experts from Blake Snake Productions will come to your workplace and provide you with an in-depth assessment of your issues with snakes or other dangerous animals in and around your facilities. In addition, we provide you with a comprehensive written report of our suggestions for removal and relocation of these animals. When necessary, we will provide JSAs for a work site, full training in dealing with problematic wildlife and safe-working procedure reports. We provide our snake removal and relocation services along with wildlife consultancy and safety reports for workplaces, work sites, schools and shires.

Black Snake Also Conducts Seminars about Snake and Spider Safety

During our seminars on snake and spider safety, we allow participants to examine some of Australia’s most venomous snakes and spiders in a safely contained manner. These two-hour sessions provide comprehensive information along with a manual. Our hope is that after attending these seminars that the participants will gain an understanding of how to deal with a potentially dangerous encounter in a calm, effective way without suffering injury.

Learn to Handle Snakes Properly with Our Courses

We offer snake handling courses on a regular basis. Check with our office to learn how to attend one.

The Proper Measures to Take When You Spot a Snake

Below, you will discover the proper actions to take when you come across a snake on your property:

• Immediately call Black Snake Productions and provide a description of the snake along with its location and behaviour. Our experts come quickly upon your call for assistance.
• Place children and any pets out of harm’s way
• Never aggravate the snake
• Keep your eyes on the snake at all times until our experts arrive, but be certain that you are at a safe distance from the animal

Consult with Black Snake Productions to learn further facts about our snake removal services or other offerings at your earliest convenience. Do not allow dangerous snakes and reptiles to cause you harm. We will remove and relocate them as quickly as possible for you.