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Overcoming Ophidophobia? Experts at Black Snake Production can help you

Blog | April 27th, 2015

The fear of snakes, also referred to as ophidophobia is nothing new and pretty commonplace. There is something deeply imbedded within the human psyche that fears creeping or slithering things. Perhaps it’s an instinctive offshoot of older fears dating from the time of our great hominid ancestors – a general aversion brought about by some understanding that snakes and other creepy animals ‘may’ pose a threat to human life.

While some degree of fear of snakes may be commonplace in most individuals, to a rare number of others it can prove to be extremely unpleasant or uncomfortable. In some people, this kind of fear borders on debilitating. Unfortunately, individuals who opt to surrender to their fear of snakes often end up missing out on a chance to encounter some of the oldest and most fascinating creatures on earth.

Ophidophobia is a fear, whether rational or irrational, that affects people of all races and ages, but overcoming ophidophobia is possible by facing those fears in a controlled environment. In this regard, experts at Black Snake Production can help you.

Is it possible, overcoming Ophidophobia? Experts at Black Snake Production can help you.

It may not be a good idea to force individuals who have a known fear of snakes into a veritable snake pit, but one of the key aspects that are necessary to overcoming this fear is actually to face it – literally. While being close to, or even so much as touching snakes is unthinkable for someone who has ophidophobia, educating them about the nature of snakes, their behaviours, as well as their quirks and traits is one of the best means of overcoming ophidophobia. When you think about it, it just makes sense.

The process is in itself gradual, often involving short intervals of exposure to snakes from a distance, until finally (like venom) ‘resistance’ to the fear is built up. Later on, an attempt to rationalise the fear away as something baseless is possible.

Cultivating a tolerance to fear of snakes – nothing to fear

Cultivated experience from exposure to snakes help individuals with this type of phobia to finally come to terms with the fact – there is absolutely nothing to be afraid of. This requires expert help and a meticulous and often painstaking process.

Here at Black Snake Productions, we pride ourselves in showcasing some of the finest specimens of the reptile family. Our team of experts is more than willing to help individuals undertake the process of overcoming the fear of snakes by slowly introducing them to their fascinating aspects and behavior. This is all done in the hopes that fear will slowly be replaced by a deep sense of respect for the wonders that are snakes.

If you, or someone you know, would like more information on how encounters with snakes can help to overcome ophidophobia, in a fun, informative, and safe way at our studio, please visit us here: