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Snakes on the move again, Be snake safe!

Blog | August 31st, 2016

With spring here and summer just around the corner Venomous snakes are on the move again and with employees and contractors becoming more active outdoors on sites and jobs, encounters and confrontations with snakes and staff is more likely.

Black Snake productions is the ideal solution to snake safety in  your work place with our venomous snake safety seminars and wildlife education and training, with over 10 years of teaching wildlife conservation and safety to thousands of people across Australia we can offer your workplace an in depth, qualified and educational look at snake safety to staff in the field.

Our two hour Snake safety training sessions allow the attendees to get up close to the most venomous snakes in Australia and other reptiles in complete safety using our snake pit, staff can see the behaviour of tiger snakes, brown snakes red belly blacks and more while learning about identification and how to react to such animals.

We also allow staff a hands on part of the course with non-venomous snakes to help overcome fears, this is very important when dealing with potentially dangerous snakes while in the field or in confined spaces. Attendees will also get hands on training with first aid and learn the Do’s and Don’ts of treating snake and spider bite.

We cover topics such as:

  • Safety awareness and preventative measures
  • First aid treatment of snake and spider bites
  • Emergency response procedures
  • Local snake identification and behaviour 
  • Local spider identification and behaviour
  • Identifying snake and spider habitat
  • Making your workplace “snake safe”
  • WH&S

Black Snake Productions Snake and spider awareness programs reinforce safety and awareness through a combination of live snake and spider demonstrations with up to date knowledge and practical advice to ensure that all attendees leave with an understanding of how to calmly and effectively deal with a potential life threatening situation if ever one arises.

Be safe this snake season, choose Black Snake Productions for all your training needs!