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The Importance of Preserving Animal Habitat for Wildlife Conservation

Blog | March 10th, 2016

With the growing rise of industrialization and the inevitable destruction of natural habitats that comes with it, it is extremely concerning that more and more species of animals are threatened with impending extinction. It is a condition that the public should know much more about.

While large animals such as bears, mountain lions, wolves and all predators feel the brunt of habitat loss, it is usually the smaller creatures on the food chain that suffer first and suffer more.

In an attempt to mitigate the growing destruction of the natural habitats of animals the world over, especially here in Australia, many private and public groups endeavour to encourage and implement the conservation of wildlife. But there is more to conserving wildlife than just focusing on saving the larger animals.

True conservation activists understand that wildlife is a whole, complete and meticulous ecosystem in itself, cannot flourish or thrive without animals on the lower end of the food chain. In fact, these are the most affected by habitat loss, animals such as snakes, lizards, toads and other reptiles and amphibians often feel the horrific results of habitat loss first. Small creatures comprise as much as seventy percent of the animals lost thanks to pollution, deforestation, illegal logging and other non-Eco-friendly acts that damage their habitats.

Basically, protecting the smallest of creatures is just as important as protecting those animals that people consider ‘popular’ or ‘essential’. And, since preserving them helps to keep the precarious balance of an ecosystem that could literally ‘fall’ apart without these small animals, it is in the best interest of all life to promote animal conservation.

Here at Black Snake Productions, we passionately believe that taking a more well-rounded form of wildlife conservation is the best way to help guarantee the survival of ‘all’ animals, not just a select species. Instead, the whole ecosystems at large needs to be protected, because it contributes to the overall diversity, wonder, and miracle that make up life on earth.

Ideally, to change the world, conserving wildlife should start at an early age, with proper education, guidance and the cultivation of concern for all animals, irrespective of the type of species. Conserving wildlife is not merely a bid to guarantee one’s descendants the privilege of seeing rare animals – the larger goal of animal conservation is to find a way that humans can coexist with all other animals on earth.

Black Snake Productions promotes wildlife conservation through educational programs and fun events that are geared towards birthday parties, corporate events, and schools to educate and promote snake and spider safety awareness and preventive measures, first aid treatment of venomous bites, emergency response procedures and how to identify local snakes and spider species.

If you wish to instill the values of animal conservation to your children, friends and family through interactive education provided by Black Snake Productions, then please give us a call today.