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The Importance of Breeding Programs for Endangered Australian Species

Blog | November 11th, 2016

Here at Black Snake Productions, we are very serious about wildlife conservation, and we believe that the best way to accomplish this is by first making people aware of the importance of preserving the natural environment, and the animal species that live there. Unfortunately, land development often disrupts and destroys the natural habitat of many species of animals, and this has directly resulted in many Australian animals being placed on the endangered species list.

Because of this, many universities and zoological institutions in Australia play a vital role in wildlife conservation, by studying not only endangered species, but all animals in Australia, to help create and manage breeding programs. In this way, animals that are challenged by land development encroaching on their natural habitat, or that have had their habitat destroyed, can be preserved through breeding programs in hopes of successfully relocating them to a new compatible area.

Breeding Programs for Endangered Australian Species

The importance of captive breeding programs for endangered Australian species cannot be overestimated, as it becomes the last vestige of hope to save animals from extinction. Because, once they are gone – endangered Australian species, they are gone forever. That is why a campaign to bring awareness to wildlife conservation, through educational programs, is so vital in raising support for captive breeding programs, as well as breed-and-release programs.

Zoos, universities, and wildlife conservation organisations, that have captive breeding and breed-and-release programs, strive to develop these in an attempt to better boost flagging numbers of Australian endangered species. Breeding threatened animals to be released into a healthy habitat is nothing new, however, captive breeding differs in that animals breed in captivity are held because their habitat has been threatened or destroyed.

Some examples of endangered animals that have breeding programs include the stick-nest rat, Western swamp tortoise, and the golden bell frog, but there are many more.

Promoting Wildlife Conservation through Interactive Education

It’s true, wildlife conservation is vitally important, for the sake of saving animals from extinction, but getting involved is easy, rewarding and fun, especially when it is during an interactive hands-on wildlife presentation.

Black Snake Productions promotes wildlife conservation using native animals that people can see and touch, in this way, people can appreciate and learn more about Australia’s incredible animals, and help to support and protect them, before they are all gone.