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Hosting a Special Event? Make it Even More Special by Adding a Few Snakes!

Blog | November 17th, 2014

If you are hosting a special event, then why not make it even more special by adding a few snakes! Most people are deathly afraid of snakes for some reason or other. Why is that? Maybe it’s in their slithering and cunning nature, their unblinking eyes and cold-blooded calculating air; maybe it’s out of fear for their dreaded venom, for maybe it stems from the demonization of snakes from Hollywood movies? Whatever the reason, people have also always had a fascination for snakes, and this has made these animals an integral part of the symbolism and folk beliefs of nearly every culture.

Why host a special event with snakes?

Nowadays, more and more snakes are becoming endangered species, thanks sadly in part to the ever-increasing destruction of their natural habitats around the world. In the years to come, people who have never encountered snakes up close may never get to see them save in books or hear of them only in stories. If you’re throwing a special event like a birthday party, a debut, a company launch or whatever other happenings you decide upon, it may not be a bad idea to throw in some snakes into the mix.

While it may seem like mad idea to even think of hosting a special event with snakes, there is a lot of good that can be derived from having snakes as special guests. It may seem to be all for the shock factor at first, but the elegance, mystery and beauty of the snakes are what makes any event that features them truly remarkable and especially unforgettable.

Special Events with Snakes – Why Opt for It?

While snakes are mysterious, elegant, graceful, and very beautiful, to those who have come to know their true nature, it is truly sad to mention some species of snakes are slowly becoming endangered. People in most cities rarely get the chance to see a snake first-hand, much less up close.

Hosting a special event with snakes allows your guests to experience first-hand what it is like to be near these amazing and highly misunderstood creatures, to be able to do more than simply look at them from afar. Now people can actually get to touch them and hold them up-close! Of course, you may be concerned that there are dangers involved with inviting snakes to your party, but trained snake handlers can easily dispel that fear and prevent any mishaps from occurring.

Snakes are a great addition to the guests’ list irrespective of the nature of the affair as both kids and adults alike can enjoy and be awed before the presence of these mysterious reptiles. For more information on how you can invite snakes to your party, please visit:

Black Snake Productions

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