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Health benefits of animal interactions

Blog | April 7th, 2015

When it comes to animals, it seems as if people either love them or detest them. This typically varies depending on the species of animal, but it is generally understood that people have a tendency to find a species of animal fascinating or astounding, and another, equally revolting. More often than not it is reptiles that get the brunt of the latter reaction, simply because of the fact that they tend to be thought of as slimy, slithering, and dangerous creatures.

Truth about reptiles

Reptiles are, in all actuality, very fascinating and beautiful creatures that contribute largely to the overall health and order of the Australian environment. They also make for highly interesting pets for some people, and simply a wonderful sight to see (and touch) for others less daring to own them. While it is understood that some reptiles are dangerous or poisonous, this does not lessen their beauty or wonderful nature in the least, and should in fact garner deep respect.

Because reptiles like snakes, iguanas, monitors, and other cold-blooded creatures tend to be maligned, Black Snake Productions understands the need to increase the overall awareness regarding their important and beneficial role they play within the environment. This includes educating young and old about their traits, habits, quirks, and their long and storied past. Animal interactions as brought about through first-hand experience either via touching or getting up-close and personal with reptiles, not only expose an individual to the wonders of the reptilian species – it destroys the sad yet still prevalent bias against reptiles.

Animal interaction has health benefits

While getting close enough to touch reptiles may be something of a phobia for some, psychological studies have shown that animal interactions are not only beneficial for the overall emotional and mental well-being of an individual, but that it also contributes largely to a lessening of stress. And, it broadens the awareness and invokes respect to the beauty and wonder of the animal kingdom.

At Black Snake Productions, they specialise in the showcasing of amazing and sometimes rare and endangered snakes, both the venomous and non-venomous varieties for educational and informative purposes. Their educational interaction sessions are geared to draw attention for the protection and preservation of a threatened animal species snakes.

Aside from snakes, Black Snake Productions also has a wide selection of other reptiles that they are happy to let you see and touch. If you’re a family, company, or simply a group of friends who are looking for a great and informative way to learn more about nature and the animals that populate it, or if you’re simply out to try something new and surprising, Black Snake Productions and their team of highly efficient and expert reptile handlers will be happy to introduce you to the fascinating world of reptiles.

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