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Educational Wildlife Incursions for Schools

Blog | February 12th, 2015

Kids love to be around animals. Who wouldn’t? Even adults can’t resist some of nature’s fascinating creatures! Schools often take children’s interest in wildlife to promote learning and organize excursions to zoos and nature parks. But if there is one thing that excursions lack, its experience. And hands-on experience is an integral part of the learning process for children and young adults.

Wildlife incursions are ideal opportunity to get hands-on experience with some of nature’s amazing creature, and educators shouldn’t miss out on this important facet of education. It gives students ample opportunities to experience wildlife in a way that is far superior to excursions. Whereas wildlife excursions take kids outside of the school setting, incursions take the great outdoors and place it in front of children at school. Kids don’t have to leave their campus – the animals go to them!

Educational wildlife incursions for schools bring a select number of wildlife into the classroom. The animals are captive bred, tame, and accustomed to human contact. Schools – in collaboration with its students and parents – get to choose which animals they’d like to come over for a visit.

Where to find wildlife for a hands-on educational experience?

Black Snake Productions, a wildlife incursion company based in Australia, has a diverse selection of local wildlife including reptiles, birds, invertebrates, marsupials, and various other mammals such as owls, geckos, crocodiles, turtles, monitor lizards, dragon lizards, wallabies, possums, pythons, sugar gliders, hopping mice, parrots, and many more.

Students only get to see wildlife from a distance in an excursion. Incursions allow students to see animals up close and personal. Those who are fortunate enough will be able to interact with the creatures and hold them for some time. These animals will be accompanied by professionally trained demonstrators, making the entire experience safe and fun for everyone.

Besides keeping students and onlookers safe, handlers will be presenting fun facts about the wild visitors. No matter what animal takes center stage or is being passed around the class, educational information will be at the forefront. You can discover more about the behaviour and natural habitat of animals with the help of handlers.

However, there is much to learn from educational wildlife incursions for schools besides these fun facts. Animal interaction encourages wildlife preservation among the youth. Exposure to native Australian wildlife and how they survive give children a greater understanding and appreciation of nature as a whole.

On a more practical note, incursions are generally cheaper than excursions. Students no longer have to pay for travel, entrance fees, and tours. Instead, the only expense is the fee for the incursion company’s travel expenses and services – divided equally among the students, it’s more affordable.

Educational wildlife incursions for schools are also safer since they are limited to school grounds. Parents wouldn’t have to worry about their children traveling by bus to distant places. More information about Blacksnake Productions can be found here: