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Characteristics and Traits of Growling Grass Frogs

Blog | October 12th, 2016

There are many interesting types of frogs in Australia, although frogs can be seen and heard, people don’t consider that the population of frogs are dwindling, but some frog species are. The Growling Grass Frog is found in various parts of Australia, however, there are concerns that their population is declining, which usually happens when people aren’t aware of their presence, especially when land is being developed and their natural environment disappears.

In the hope of preserving the natural habitat of Australia’s many diverse species of animals, the best way to go about it is by an educational presentation where people can see, hear, and touch various animals. One particular interesting animal is the Growling Grass Frog.

Experience Growling Grass Frogs with Black Snake Production

Here at Black Snake Productions, we care deeply about wildlife conservation, and there are no animals that are too small to be overlooked, like the Growling Grass Frog, also known as the Southern Bell Frog, the Green Frog, and the Warty Swamp Frog. It is has a mixer of emerald-green and irregular bronze and gold colouring throughout its body, and seasoned with black spotting.

The males of this species are much smaller than the females, with the females reaching up to 104mm in length. Their backs are littered with warts, which inspired the name reference ‘Warty Swamp Frogs’, and have distinguished green stripes running down the length of their backs.

Dwindling populations of this species of frog are still found in Victoria, New South Wales, Tasmania, ACT and South Australia.

Habitat & Ecology

Like many species of frogs, Growling Grass Frogs prefer to live among the reeds of slow-moving streams, as well as swamps, ponds, lagoons, and near the shores of lakes, and gravitate to warm waters. They are easily found near the surface of the water during the day where water temperature is warmer, between 18 and 25 degrees.

Floating on the surface of the water, males call out to females by producing several short grunts, and then followed by a low growl that last for about a second. And, like most frogs, females lay their eggs among floating vegetation and reeds. Their diet consists of mainly insects that dwell on the land, such as termites, beetles, cockroaches, and even smaller frogs and lizards.

There is a lot to learn about the characteristics and traits of Growling Grass Frogs, as well as many other Australian animals, and you can experience them for yourself during a hands-on wildlife presentation by Black Snake Productions.