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Animal Conservation Awareness: Human’s Natural Bonding Ability with Nature Starts with A touch

Blog | January 30th, 2015

If you’re a school teacher, youth group leader or a parent, then no-doubt you care about children and young folks learning about nature. In a world filled with high-tech gadgets, these items take up much of the lives of adults and children. However, unlike a few decades ago, kids would satisfy their curiosity by going outdoors and doing what kids do best, learning by interacting and exploring with nature around them.

Those days aren’t gone, although the skills may be lost, but they can be rekindled and taught to young people today. There are many ways to do this, teach children how to be curious with the things found outdoors like animals, reptiles and snakes to be exact. The best and natural way to get children and young adults interested in outdoor life such as snakes is to introduce them to each other.

Introduce your kids to snakes

Introduce them (snakes) to children? Yes, in a safe and supervised environment with a professional snake handler and animal conservationist like Black Snake Productions. Aren’t snakes dangerous? Is it safe to handle snakes? These are great questions people ask who truly care about children in their care. The answer is yes. Most snakes are safe to handle, although there are venomous snakes, these are not available for touching.

Although, during events performed by Black Snake Productions, venomous snakes found in Australia are identified, so children can recognize them if they do see these in the wild. Which is very important information for both adults and children to know? Black Snake Production offers ‘hands on’ education about snakes and reptiles found in Australia, and teaches people about them and their habitat.

Unfortunately, most people don’t consider snakes and reptiles important, but they truly are a fragile part of our eco-system. And, many of these reptiles and snakes are endangered and need to be preserved and protected.

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Humans have a special ability to naturally bond with nature, but for that to happen for kids today, it usually starts with a touch. To find out more about Black Snake Production’s event’s, and how you can schedule one at your school, home or party, please visit their website here: