Wildlife conservation through

interactive education

Spencer’s Monitor Lizard: Behaviour and Characteristics

Spencer’s goanna, also known as Spencer’s monitor (binomial name Varanus spenceri), is a species of monitor lizard that is endemic to Australia. Belonging to the family Varanidae, it was named after the English-Australian biologist Walter Baldwin Spencer. Spencer’s monitors are moderately sized monitor lizards that can grow to up to… Read More

Differences between Turtles and Tortoises

For over 10 years Black Snake Productions have provided educational, fun, and interactive wildlife presentations with the help of our amazing animals, at schools, corporate events, shopping centres, country shows, and festivals across the country. We also provide informative blog articles that also help people to better understand native Australian… Read More

Are Australian Dingoes Endangered?

Australia has many types of animals, some that are also found to inhabit other southeastern regions of Asia, such as the well-known wild canine (Canis lupus dingo) called the Dingo. These hardy, carnivorous dogs can survive and thrive in various types of environments, however, with the fast development of land… Read More

What Happens to Snakes during Winter Season?

There are many interesting facts to learn about snakes in Australia, such as there are 140 species of snakes that live on land, and 32 species of sea snakes. Interesting to note that roughly 100 species of snakes are venomous, but only 12 snakes types have a bite that could… Read More

Benefits of Wildlife Education to Kindergarten Students

In this day and age, more than ever before, it is paramount that young children are taught the importance of wildlife conservation as a bridge that will reconnect modern society to nature. Today, kindergarten students are constantly bombarded with television, gaming, and gadgets, but have little exposure to wildlife and… Read More

Snake Removal Services in Melbourne

Snakes are a major concern in Australia since over half of our species of these reptiles are venomous. Luckily, when you require removal services of this animal from your property for one reason or another, Black Snake Productions will provide them on a 24/7 basis throughout the year in the… Read More

What are the Qualifications of a Wildlife Educator?

For people who aspire to work around animals in jobs at zoos, national parks, wildlife stations, or wildlife conservation groups, becoming a wildlife educator is the obvious goal. The primary work involves educating all ages of people about various aspects of care for animals and their habitat. An interest in… Read More